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Dharma Initiative Icontest

A group of creative individuals working together for the greater good

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A LOST icontest

We at the Dharma Initiative would like to welcome you to your new post at Station Eight, the Square. Our main goal is to inspire creativity in your work through lighthearted competition and challenges left open to wide interpretation. We encourage free thought and expression. You may, therefore, use any effects you so desire, unless otherwise stated in the assignment's instructions.

For the next five hundred and forty days, you will be given weekly assignments that we hope that you will complete in a timely fashion. It is imperitive that these tasks not remain undone, for the good of you, your partner, and the others stationed nearby. Follow this set of simple instructions:

1. You will be given an assignment each Friday. It will remain open until the next Friday at 8:15 PM Central Standard time, and a new assignment will be issued. Shortly afterward, the evaluation phase will begin. This phase will last until the following Tuesday at 8:15 PM. The results of this phase will be posted within twenty four hours.
2. The rules for that challenge will be clearly stated.
3. You may submit up to three samples for each challenge unless otherwise stated.
4. Each sample must conform to the following specifications: It must be 100x100 pixels or less in area; It must be less than 40kb in size as well.
5. The samples will be evaluated in a democratic, annonymous vote by your peers.
6. You must not distribute your samples before the voting phase is complete, or attempt to influence the voting of others in any way. If you do so, you may cause another incident.
7. The chosen samples will be awarded with tokens of our appreciation in banner form.
8. You must submit your sample in both image and URL form.

You may submit possible subject matter to us here if you are so inclined.

On behalf of liritarofrohan and veetvoojagig, and the rest of us at the Dharma Initiative, we thank you, and good luck.

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The Hanso Foundation

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A LOST icontest

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